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FGC Silly Games Night - 20th December 2018

Yes, you are all invited to the evening in December when the FGC lets its hair down.

It will be free and as usual we will have the raffle, mini-tournaments for real Leisure Games vouchers, chocolate and lots of food baked by our fantastic membership.

What more could you ask for?

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:52:59 by Ian Pearson

Temporary Venue: Leisure Games

While our usual venue is being renovated, we are meeting at Leisure Games - Thursday evenings from 6:45PM until 10:45PM.

Massive thanks to Mike for letting us use the space!

Posted Saturday 20th October 2018 12:13:44 by Richard Fisher

Return to the Old Finchleians

This sounds like I we should have some new names on the membership list like ‘Tic-Tok, Jack Pumpkinhead or Gump’ – I wonder if we do anyway? ;0)

Anyway, we have been given a return date to move back to Southover - 20th December.

Just in time for Silly Games night!

Obviously, if repairs proceed more quickly, we might get back sooner, but the target is the FGC near Christmas night of fun and frivolity – perhaps a fitting return.

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:51:47 by Ian Pearson

8th November

Games played.

Some oldies, some new and one or two returning favourites, which also includes the people :0)

Posted Friday 9th November 2018 15:47:35 by Ian Pearson

1st November

Games played.

A good list and I think we are getting used to playing at Leisure Games.

Watch this space for news of the Old Finchleians.

Posted Thursday 8th November 2018 12:48:11 by Ian Pearson