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Bearded web-monkey. Would like to play BSG more often.

The FGC server is being moved to a different datacentre - the site will be unavailable for large parts of Sunday.
Richard Fisher

Hey fella! Just a quick one... I've been trying to change my profile picture / avatar on the website, but for the life of me can't work out how to do it. Is the only way to change it to link my FGC account to my facebook account?
Toast Crumbs

I believe the default images are taken from Gravitar, so change it on there if you don't want to link your Facebook or Twitter account.
Graham Charlton

Thanks Graham! I just took a look and Gravitar seems to want me to create a Wordpress account before doing anything else. Sounds like this might require more effort than my lazy ass can bothered to put into the endevour. Cheers anyhow, fella.

PS. Remind me how to PM people - I know that all this banter goes public on the site, which is probably very boring for everyone.
Toast Crumbs

When you are on the user's profile page, click the envelope that is up and right from this comment
Graham Charlton

Cheers for that. I'm on a Galaxy Tab and just didn't notice the icon (plus there's no mouse-over text on tablets).
Toast Crumbs

Have I just gone mad or are all the formatting tooltips no longer appearing? I can't make tables, and if there is one way of displaying data that I love its tables.
Sean Adams

GMs: I started a thread. Tell me what you want done with the RPG section.
Richard Fisher

personally i think the site is a stirling job, but to help the zogs navigate a bit easier here are my suggestions
1) is it possible to do a drop down menu on the green header section at the top just for the games link?
2) in the roleplay link, just have Active campaigns, in which u put all current games being run and just leave em there rather than swop em every slot, and Previous campaigns in which u dump evrything which hasnt been played for over a year, Grahame or the RPG liaison will know which is which
other than that, u da man!
Nic the Third

I found a 5VP chit from Puerto Rico in a desk drawer. I don't own a copy of Puerto Rico, so whose is it?
Richard Fisher

My copy has been played at yours, but PR has been packed so won't be able to check for a month.
Graham Charlton

Thank you
David Clarke

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