What kind of games do you play?

In theory FGC embraces all kinds of games: board games both classic and modern, role playing games both story driven and tactical combat led, and everything in-between. Anything you want to play will be fine as long as you can find others to play it with. Each week we post on the website a list of the games played that week, so take a look there to get a more specific idea about what gets played. If you're completely new to all this, don't worry - come along and introduce yourself, we'll find something to entertain you.


How do I get to the club?

Club meetings are held at the Old Finchleians Sports Club. Full address and a map can be found on the About page.

There is plenty of free parking at the club if you plan to drive. By public transport your best bet is the 326 bus route which goes right past the front of the club, or the 221 bus which stops just up the road at Sussex Ring. By tube it's Woodside Park, just around the corner.

It won't be readily apparent from the front of the building where the games are, but if you head around the back where the entrance onto the cricket pitch is and come through the doors there, you'll find yourself at the bar. We're in the main hall off the bar.


How do I contact the club?

Telephone numbers for the key committee members can be found on the About page. Alternatively send an email to finchleygamesclub@gmail.com


Who should I introduce myself to when I get there?

There’s nothing really formal in place, feel free to wander up and say hello to whoever is playing the sort of games you enjoy. If however you want something a little more official, you should introduce yourself to one of the following. Apparently they’re supposed to be in charge...

Ian Pearson Alan Beaumont 


What games does the club currently favour?

Naturally this changes over time, but at time of writing (Dec 2013):

  • RPGs. There’s a large number of D&D players, so there’s almost always a game of that going on. This is either 3.5 or Pathfinder, with interest in 4th edition pretty much having died off. There’s always at least one game going on that isn’t D&D, often two. Apart from D&D the most popular system used is Savage Worlds, with an assortment of campaigns being run using it. The games run to a schedule which is managed through the website.

  • Board Games. A mixture of whatever is hot off the press together with classic favourites. Tastes seem to favour the medium-weight Euros, although plenty of both heavier and lighter gets played along with the occasional Ameritrash. 

    Most played games of 2013 were: Battlestar Galactica, Clash of Cultures, Dominion, Eclipse, Heckmeck, King of Tokyo, London, Lords of Waterdeep, Love Letter, Mythic Battles, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Stone Age, Thurn & Taxis, and Tzolk'in: the Mayan Calendar

  • Card Games. The only CCG that gets played regularly at FGC is Shadowfist, which gets played at least once a month. There seems to have been a shift away from all the other CCGs and into the Living Card Games that FFG produces – especially Netrunner, Star Wars and Game of Thrones.


Do I have to bring my own game / does the club have any games itself?

The club doesn’t own any games itself. The games played are brought by the various club members. So if there’s something you specifically want to play, bring it along. Don’t worry if you don’t however, there are usually plenty of games brought by the handful of people who pack a bag-load.


How does the RPG schedule work?

The RPGs that we run are organised into 4 week blocks. So a game is run for 4 consecutive weeks, then it comes to an end and other games start. This schedule allows players to move between different games without worrying about overlapping schedules. The more popular games are then returned to later in the year, if there is enough interest. So we have games that have only been run for a single block, and other games that have been running for ages every other block or so.

As a GM, you are therefore encouraged to structure your narratives around this 4-week schedule. If you want to run a longer ongoing campaign you need to ensure that each set of 4-weeks also functions as a self-contained story and allow for the fact that you might get some change of players in later blocks.


Do I have to book in advance before I turn up? How do I get into a game?

If you are a roleplayer and want to guarantee yourself a place in one of the games you’ll need to book a place. Most games have a drop-in slot that is reserved for new players, but there is always the possibility that all the drop-in slots have been filled. We’ll do our best to accommodate new players, but if you become a regular member you’ll want to plan in advance.

None of this applies if you want to play a board game. Turn up and see what people want to play. Usually people mill about and chat until a little after 7, then we see how many people we have and divide up into games accordingly. Sometimes a game will get going before this, usually when someone has brought along a new release they are desperate to get played.


Any rules I should know about?

We're quite light on club rules. Don't be too noisy, take your glasses back to the bar when you're done, and make sure you put your table and chairs away at the end of the evening.


Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Snacks are fine. Hot food is not fine. Drinks should be bought from the bar.


What does it cost to attend?

Your first visit to the club is free, after which it is £3.50 an evening. You can also become a club member for £10, at which point the attendance fee drop to £2.50. In other words, if you’re going to come at least 10 times a year it’s worth becoming a member.

If you have proof of begin a student or unemployed, reduced price membership is only £5 and your weekly attendance fee is £2.


How do I sign up for the website?

You'll find a Register button on the top right of this screen. Click that, and choose to log in with your Facebook, Twitter or BoardGameGeek account. You'll then need to be approved by one of the admins so it may take a few hours before you have the ability to post.


Who administers the website?

The website was built by Richard Fisher and he manages anything of a technical nature to do with the website. As part of the role of Secretary, Graham Charlton manages content on the website - including posting the weekly updates. Any problems with the website, issues with what people are posting, etc. should be directed at either Graham or Richard.


Where can I buy these games you play?

There are a number of shops throughout the UK, both high street and web based, where the games we play can be purchased. Finchley Games Club has a long association with one particular store whose existence is instrumental in there even being a games club in Finchley - Leisure Games.

Leisure Games can be found 5 minutes walk from Finchley Central tube station. They have a website here. Very little of what gets played at FGC cannot be bought there.


Which table is most likely to have a 47 minute argument about who gets a magic ring?

The D&D 3.5 table.

Those at the WFRP table knows that a magic ring is likely to get your character beaten to death by peasants. Those at the D&D 4.0 table all know that rings, like most magic items, confer negligible mechanical benefit. Those at the Pendragon table know that the ring will ultimately have to be surrendered to the ruler of the land. Those at the Call of Cthulhu table know that the ring will bring only madness and terror to those they love.


Which member brings in the best array of sweets/crisps?

This is an ongoing battle, started by Emma: Goddess of Haribo. The war is likely to escalate.


Who is the Cylon?

Ian. Always Ian.

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