Finchley Games Club AGM 2010
6th May 2010

1. Wibble wibble wibble wibble

2. The bar is open

3. Ian will take embarrassing photos if Graham doesn’t stop minuting irrelivancies.

4. Ian opened the meeting at 19:25

5. Graham read the minutes from the 2009 AGM
  • Tas still disputes that he owes Graham £10
  • Survey of how people found the FGC hadn’t been carried out

6. Chairman's report was given. In summary: Play games, drink, have a good time

7. Credit was given to the vastly improved website. There were requests for more photos/videos.

8. FGC ran a tournament at Baycon. The FGC team then went and won the tournament. Very suspicious. Could it just be a way to get free stuff from JKLM games?

9. Treasurer's Report
  • £159.71 in profit
  • We have £1,399.30
  • No interest being paid on account
  • No proposal to put up the fees

10. New committee - Exactly the same committee as last year. No objections, all posts filled.

11. Fees
  • £10 membership
  • £2.50/£3.50 attendance
  • Vote Passed

12. Website has been moved from Dylan's machine.
  • Dylan still paying for domain
  • Richard paying for hosting
  • Everything is a lot quicker

13. Meeting went into closed session.
  • It was proposed we buy a card for Geoff.
  • “He's a grumpy old sod” - Ian Pearson
  • Clair to pick something - £25 allocated from club funds
  • Vote carried

14. Question was raised about the number of members. 39 this year - on the up.

15. Meeting closed at 19:38

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