DM - Gary
Slider the MU - Dave B
Skylda the Battlemind - Bjorn
Gerard the Healer - Alec
Wil the generic Ranger - Jon
Moss the Druid - Alexander

Supporting Cast:

Sir Renston

The Americans (NPC Party)

The Freeriders (NPC Party)

The Farstriders (NPC Party)

The Lethal Line-Up (NPC Party)

Mrs. Renston
Sgt. Cooky
Teb / Ted the Standard Bearer
Ryan the messenger
Brod - a raider
Anaconda with a hat


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Session 11.1 : Crying in the Dark

Sarshan's Shadar-kai guards play WoD in the barracks:
Trent the Gloomblade is the GM Storyteller. His real name is Bradley, but he renamed himself after that bloke in Nine Inch Nails.
He ...

Session 11 : Get him in the corner and kick his head in

XP : This is since before the ogre fight, so let me know if you have somehow already added that.
7200 total, 1800 per character. This is for the all the beasties killed, some loosely-defined roleplayi ...
Comments: 4

Session 10 : Shadowrift of the Umbraforge : Training Day

I'm really hungover, so try not to shout too much.

Session 9 : The Shadowrift of the Umbraforge : Going Underground

Following a street ambush, the ex-Renstons are hot on the trail of a Dark Creeper named Modra.
Unfortunately, it looks like someone else is also looking for him.
Darkwater Field R ...
Comments: 14

Session 8 : The Shadowrift of the Umbraforge

There is post for you guys when you get back to Overlook. Ryan has been sent on from Brindol by Cooky, and has brought letters from home.
Comments: 10

Session 7 : Siege of Bordrin's Watch : Flame On

Good game all. I leave the write up to one of the players.
Apart from the special brass key that you found on the Dark Creeper, you have (and some of this was given out already):

Chainmail of Dwarve ...
Comments: 13

Session 6 : Siege of Bordrin's Watch : War is Hell

Consistently the worst rolling I have seen from a party in a long time, coupled with big saves and big hits from the bad guys. At one point, I was feeling sorry for the party and would have dished out ...
Comments: 20

Session 5 : Siege of Bordrin's Watch

The party turn up in Overlook and just can't be bothered with the NPCs in town, so they go off dungeoneering instead. Gerard is still pious, Slider is still immature, Wil is still the last scion o ...
Comments: 13

Session 4: Commercial Break

Whilst Wil tastes badger faeces and sits folornly 'neath a yew tree, the rest of the former employees of Sir Renston idle their way to an upmarket gastropub, where they spend hours eating o ...
Comments: 5

Session 3 : Rescue At Rivenroar

Unless anyone has a better recollection, the delve into the darkness included scouting out several locations before detecting the prisoners. Unfortunately, this meant coming mano a mano with Sinruth. ...

Session 2: Rescue at Rivenroar

We raid the castle, we find the dwarf alchemist, we kill a little more than we convince to run away.
Comments: 1

Session 1: Rescue at Rivenroar

Sir Renston is a noble knight, and a veteran campaigner noted for his expertise in conducting guerilla warfare with warbands in small, dirty wars on the borderlands, or in the ancillary engagements of ...

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