Active Characters

GM - Phil V
Cass Kane -  Dave K.
Isaiah - Oliver
Jericho - Alex E.
Saphy - Emma

Characters K.I.A.

Jason Kane and Mr. Jewels - Died as heroes rescuing people from The Pinnacle
Eustace - Bitten during the group's first encounter with sprinters


The first day of the maiden voyage of The Pinnacle, a luxury cruise ship, is coming to an end. The weather so far has been good, and there has been plenty of opportunity to get settled in. As evening approaches, you start making your way to the first night party, blissfully unaware of the events that are about to unfold.

Campaign Setting Details and Background

This is the start of a long term campaign using the Savage Worlds rules set.

The overall feel of the story is very, very dark, and takes place in a world where Night of the Living Dead and its various sequels and other zombie movies were never made. This means that when things kick off, people have no prior knowledge of how to deal with the horrors they face.

There is a good mix of role playing and combat, and the focus of the story is narrow and very personal, looking at how the player characters respond to the situations they face and the ways this affects and changes them.

If you played in my previous zombie game, it is worth emphasising that this campaign is very different, and you should make no assumptions at all in terms of what to expect.

Player Information

The main criteria for player characters is simply that they are passengers on the cruise ship. This may mean they have a family/other dependents in tow, which is absolutely fine. It would also be fine for PCs to know each other in some way, and you may choose to go down the route of all travelling as a party.

We will be doing character generation as part of the first session, but please feel free to discuss ideas you have in this post. Also, be aware that there are a number of restrictions around the edges/hindrances you can take, as well as a small number of additions to both. There are also other setting specific rules, which Ill go through when we get started.


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