GM: David King

Leopold the Linesman: Bjorn

Gustav the Apothecary: Phil

Ulianna the Cheerleader: NPC



Warhammer fantasy roleplaying. Orcs, dwarves, elves etc playing sport instead of making war – kicking balls instead of heads. No, make that as well as heads.


After being pulled aside by their coach, the three brave/foolhardy members of the Averland Aces Blood Bowl team stepped in to investigate the framing of their team ogre Grorg, who had been caught bringing barrels of gunpowder into the stadium they were playing at. Playing their next game (against a battered but vindictive scaven team) without Grorg would have been murder on team morale, if nothing else, and so the three were charged with helping clear his name by whatever means necessary.


Their first day's investigation proved less than fruitful, but did manage to ingratiate them with the town watch, as well as get them a name of a potentially suspicious guard; Stosston. In staking him out he took the sneaky trio to a local tavern frequented by all manner of disreputable or monstrous patrons. Waltzing inside they ordered themselves food and proceeded to annoy the scaven patrons who accused them on spying.


This brought about the quote of the game from Leopold who, light of wits but overflowing with good intentions, gently explained that they couldn't be spying with their backs to the scaven, since sausages were not reflective.


Once the scaven left Gustav's subtle harassing and bribery of Stosston got them a note to be outside the stadium gate at 3am, and a medallion that they quickly identified as belonging to the Nuffle Blasphemer's Association, a nuisance group of Blood Bowl haters who seem now to have upgraded to terrorism. Armed with that information they intercepted one of that group, taking Grorg along as backup after successfully wrangling his freedom out of the noble lord of the stadium. After an easy capture he was handed over to the stadium guards, but not before he spilled his guts over their plan: the had been intending to blow up the Aces' next game after fooling Grorg into helping them smuggle in the second half of their gunpowder. However, there were still Nuffle Blasphemers in the stadium, and while the bombing had been delayed by the lack of powder it had not been called off!


The following day the Aces' game against the scaven took off, after an impromptu poisoning of the team and Gustav's messy solution, and they won handily, beating the already losing Scaven into the ground. After the game an a round or two of drinks the investigation was back underway, and lacking any better leads Leopold and Gustav returned to visit Stosston, and wheedle more secrets out of him. After revealing that his negligence had a larger part in this plot that it first seemed he pointed them to the orc team as a possible lead, because if anyone knew anything about gunpowder it was the goblins who the orcs kept as servants.


After Gustav successfully talked his way into absconding with a goblin, and Leopold sent an band of orc players over to harass the less than friendly scaven, the goblin followed the faint trail of gunpowder he picked up from where Stosston had pointed them, and took the protagonists into the under-stadium stores. there he lost the trail among so many scents, but said that if he wanted to hide gunpowder kegs he'd secrete them with the kegs of wine. Of course, not knowing where the wine was kept they all trekked back to find someone who did. 


The call to search for the barrel was cut short through, when a few scaven who had eluded Leopold's orcish ambush raced past them, shooting one of the guards dead with a warpstone bullet! the chase was then on to find them as they made a clear dash down to find the gunpowder first. While the scaven eluded the guards, Leopold, Gustav and Ulianna caught them making off with it, covered by their rat-ogre! the first that ensured was fierce, Gustav being badly mauled by the 12-foot rodent while it's handlers also scratched Leopold and badly hurt Ulianna. 


There was little time to lick their wounds as they raced off after the absconding rats, catching them with one of the black-cloaked Blasphemers hastily setting up the gunpower. The Blasphemer fled, the scaven with the pistols going after him, but the rest attacked the trio instantly, knocking out first Ulianna and then Gustav with well aimed blows, and it was only a twist of fate that saved Gustav's life. However, Leopold was soon aided by the guard who had followed Gustav's calls for help, and his sprinted off after the blasphemer, but succeeded only in catching the scaven pistoleer. 


While he did that, with Gustav and Ulianna unconscious the scaven had claimed to re-capture the gunpowder themselves, swaying the guards' opinions until Gustav recovered and could give a more accurate account of the events, along with some rather accurate rumours about the pistoleer and his previous fatal shooting that spread through the stadium like wildfire. 


After a brief questioning by the noble lawmakers and a visit from their healers the trio retired to bed, only to be attacked in the middle of the night by the very same Blasphemer. while it might have been a dangerous encounter Leopold’s quick reflexes and Gustav's thorough use of his room's furniture captured the assailant, who after some threatening revealed the secret of how the group communicated. Leopold followed that up to find a note while Gustav could then translate, and the pair devised a trap for the insidious chef that remained. 


However, while he gave himself away he did not walk into the trap himself, and so Leopold, Gustav and the guards were left to chase him down, Leopold following in hot pursuit while Gustav shut the stadium's showy portcullis to trap the Blasphemer.


That left only the man who left that note for the chef, but with no leads left to follow and all the gunpowder found the crisis was over. Later it was found that the bartender who had served them and Stosston had vanished, much to his employer's shame and the town watch's consternation after having questioned the tavern owner already, but that one man would not dare show his face in public any time soon. 


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