DM: Nick H

Sir Bradwen (Alex)
Quintus Aquila, Esquire (Jon)
Sir Miles (Dave B)
Sir Breunis (Harriet)


Chivalric (hopefully) adventuring in mythic dark ages Britain.

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488 AD: The Adventure of the Water Leapers

At the King's Pentecostal court, the knights are offered the chance of either travelling with Prince Madoc on a mission to save France from the invading Franks or being part of the King's army ...
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487 A.D. The Adventure of the Two Embassies / The Adventure of the Reprisal Raid

And lo...
The knights of Salisbury, who have recently found favour with King Uther Pendragon, were sent on a mission of goodwill to the Duchy of Lindsey; a region of Logres which has not been loyal to ...
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From the Chronicles of Nicholas

'Twas in the year 485 A.D., the 5th year of the reign of King Uther, that the knights of Salisbury did find themselves in the Royal army and did come to battle the Saxon invaders at Mearcred Creek ...
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