Saint Petersburg (2004)

Players: 2 - 4
Playing time: 45 minutes

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Saint Petersburg is a card game in which you acquire workers for income, build buildings for fame, and attract aristocrats to your city in order to gain the most fame at the end of the game.

Card game deals with 'gracious living along the river Neva: the baroque palaces, wide boulevards, and imposing bridges of St. Petersburg. On May 16th, 1703, Czar Peter laid the cornerstone for the first building. Quickly, glorious buildings were added, always being expanded, so that Nobility (as well as victory-bringing Fame Points) may want to move in. But to accomplish this, one needs merchants who can bankroll the necessary Rubles, or the glory is over. The competition isn't sleeping either, and can sometimes steal a desired card right out from under your nose.

Expanded by:

Saint Petersburg: The Banquet
Saint Petersburg: New Society & Banquet Expansion (includes The Banquet expansion)

Alan Beaumont

Played it rather too often. Poor choice at times newbies are involved, but they can surprise you if you assume they won't get it.

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Richard Fisher

  • Rated this 7/10
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Toast Crumbs

  • Wants to play this

Graham Charlton

  • Rated this 7/10

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