Chicago Express (2008)

Players: 2 - 6
Playing time: 60 minutes

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Harry Wu's Chicago Express is an innovative new boardgame with no luck factor. Chicago Express was originally released in a limited format by Winsome Games as Wabash Cannonball and it was the first game in Winsome's Historic Railroads System.

In the game the B&O, C&O, Pennsylvania and New York Central railroads drive from the East Coast across the growing eastern US to Chicago. Smaller, more aggressive railroads like the Wabash spring up to further expand America's extensive railroads. The sharpest railroad executives vie for the maximum return on their investment in this business game lasting about one hour. This game can be played by 2-6 players, but it is best with 3 or 4 players. Ages 14 and up

This entry has been split from the Winsome Games Wabash Cannonball. As the new game changes and updates the artwork and is available in a much wider release, the two games are regarded as separate entities.

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