I’m an avid Sci-Fi fan and the 50’s and 60’s were the zenith of pulp stories with some incredibly bad titles – let alone the actual tales themselves.

These are surprisingly easy to make up. Here are some suggestions.  Feel free to add your own, but also try to spot the two from my list that are actually REAL! (No cheating !)


Mole Dancers on the Plains of Pluto

The Paradox Quotient

Starlights Choice

The Gap in Space

Mines of Magnos III


Where are the Martians?

The Valleys of Venus

Bring me my Starship

Diamond Stars at the Galactic Core

Here They Come!

Pigeons From Hell

Ride The Comet!

Moonstrike II

Binary Dreams

And the Stars ...

Sold For a Spaceship

Starlight Echoes

Da Vinci Lives!

The Nebula Effect

At the end of All Things

Rock Hopper Rebels

Save Erebos V


Gods of Space and Time

Space Marionettes

High Planes Drifter

Ian Pearson

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