With a few of our attendants only available for three of the next four weeks, and given that I'd planned this as a shorter game to begin with, I present:


A century ago, in the midst of a short rest break during the wars between Orc an Dwarf kind one not quite so exhausted Orc stumbled across the ruins of an ancient temple to the forgotten God 'Nuffle'. Inside was an archaic book of laws, which the Dwarven folk deciphered as the treaties of a great and powerful game involving an inflated pig's stomach and two warring sides competing for victory using said stomach.

Now, 100 years on Nuffle has become a major God in the Auld World, and Blood Bowl has even managed to usurp war as the first resort over regional and racial conflict. And naturally, with it has come all the corruption, underhandedness and sabotage that excessively violent full contact sports are obliged to bring with them.

It is there that the protagonists of this tale come in.


There are four places in this game, one of which is the standard non-reservable slot, and it will be running for three weeks from the 5th of May. Anyone not signed up to Pendragon or Cthulhu/Dragonlance is welcome, and since spending half the first session on character generation would cut the game by a fair margin, setting appropriate pre-gens will be provided. The are:

Leopold; star Linesman of the Averland Aces and known as 'The Leopard' by his fans. A notable part of this lesser known human team he is six feet of raw, lanky muscle, and while he doesn't look like proper Blood Bowl material he's been both durable and skilled enough in unarmed combat on the pitch to see his third season on the team without injury - a remarkable feat for anyone in the game. He is the game's main combat character.

Ulliana; the very noteworthy Elven cheerleader. The fact that an elf is on the cheer squad for a human team speaks tomes for her faith in the team, but then she is a city elf, brought up amidst the bustle of enormous Blood Bowl tournaments, and has the game in her blood. She's also absurdly skilled in her role at the sidelines, and can hit an opposing team's player across the pitch from her square in the head with her heavily weighted pom-poms, as long as the ref isn't watching! She is the sociable character, with a good line in ranged combat.

Gustav; the Averland Ace's team apothecary. Newly drafted into the team after their last apothecary was eaten by an angry troll, Gustav is tasked with keeping his players fit an healthy after they've taken a beating on the pitch or strained something nasty. He might not be a proper surgeon but he fakes it well enough, and his various concoctions can keep a man on his feet even after being gored by a headstrong beastman. He is the investigator and healer of the group.

And lastly, Magnus; the stadium hand who works at the Reikland stadium where our plot takes place. He has been ordered to keep the three Averland team members in line since he hails from that region, and has spent his working life catering to, subduing, or fleeing from the various teams the stadium has played host to. He is the drop-in slot character, and a general all-rounder with a slight emphasis on guile.

David King

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