Vampire with a Cthulhu twist, thought I'd put it up to see if it stirs any interest

(No trollin if not interested please)



Carnevale of the Dammed


It will be Masquerade, but I havnt played it in years so it will be a simple version, no splitting dice pool for combat, just one attack, one dodge (if u don’t know wot that means, don’t worry, system is easy to pick up)

If u know wot clan u want to be let me know and I will arrange it as u start off as humans who get turned into vampires for sinister purposes

If u don’t know the clans u can wiki them as there are too many to put up here but will do if asked nicely.


U start off as student backpackers just arrived in Venice during the famous masked Carnevale

And u will soon discover that there are older and fouler things than vampires in the shadows of the night

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