Date: Thu 25 October 2012
Host: Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes
Phil V
David King

Now that I've painted up loads more miniatures and have some terrain to boot, it's time for more 7TV action.

I offer prospective players two exciting episodes!

1.  FOXES' RAID  Fox Force Five, the female detective/mercenary agency have stumbled apon a training camp for The League Of Cads.  Worse still, their youngest team member, Zoe, has been captured by the League and is awaiting a horrible fate!  Can the Foxes break into the camp and rescue her?

2.  VILLAGE OF DEATH  Tough Chicago cop on loan to Scotland Yard, HACKER! has to prevent the assassination of the cabinet minister, Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebeling, by the League of Cads.  But behind every door and window are secrets...signs and....threats.

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.