Date: Thu 23 August 2012
Host: Nic the Third

David Clarke


Back by popular demand and much to the annoyance of Tom, Bert, and Bill Huggins (hobbit reference) the all singing all straightjacketed Dragonlance with guest appearance of Jon playing the Gulley Dwarves and Graham playing Fizban (as he is obviously a God) Nick H will be playin Tasslehoff as he’s always heard but never seen and Gary will be playing Goldmoon due to singin experience.


If u fancy a 3.5 D&D game please drop in, main campaign hasn’t started just levelling up to 4th -5th before we do

Pre gens available but u may make ur own if u want


This Week


The Summons

Sturm Brightblade

As a countryman of Solamnia you have been sponsored to petition for Knighthood at the nation’s capital in the annual test, non Solamics are welcome so you may bring companions if you desire, but only those of Solamic blood can obtain the title of Knight, other’s will gain honorary titles and rewards.

This sponsorship is indeed a great honour and although your sponsor at this time wishes to remain anonymous, you are encouraged to accept,

Your presence will be expected within a month


Yours Gunthur uth Wistan, Grand Knight of Solamnia

Hosting kindly provided by Gotham Projects Ltd.