Date: Thu 5 July 2012
Host: Nic the Third

Alex Dickinson
Alec Harvey
Richard Jones
David Clarke

not sure if Sean is back with his Pathfinder this week, Richard seems to think hes not back till september coz uni has finished

in the event hes not and Daves not running 'Rumours' im willing to run a game for those lost D&Ders out there

it will either be finishing off 'Shadows' and the Ol' Church Inn

or continuing 'Nights Dark Terror' which we did some time back with a new start for newbies

or 'Dragonlance' brand new campaign starting at 1st, epic 18 module world war against every dragon in the book and their minions

post which ones ur interested in and we'll go with the one which gets the most votes

Nic (the third)

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