Date: Thu 19 July 2012
Host: Alex Espinosa

Attending (4/6):
Phil V
David King
Oliver Willis
Emma Hawkins

This is a running campaign as apposed to one-off session. I will be using the Tri-stat rules system. Words associated with the campaign are: Hard, gritty, machiavelian, bizarre, occult, grotesque, macabre, sinister, apocalyptic.

You have no memory of how you got there or why you are in hospital.


I prefer players creating their own characters but for this campaign characters are created by me with one exception; YOUR BASE STARTING CHARACTER IS YOU. There is no player knowledge because what you know is what you know. There will be some poetic licence on my part based upon discussion with each player for setting up base skills but I prefer these to be in person [yes, we don't want players to know certain things about each other].


One last thing to think about as you answer a question of mine:

If you could be any comic character, mythical being, creature, monster, character from a film/book/history, what would it be?

Chapter two

Having discovered some information of what they are and how they came to be, players now need to ensure that they stop someone from a secret society from stopping the players coming into being.



And they find that secrecy is their best defence against the enemies they do not yet know.

Chapter 3

What to do now?

How do we survive, who is after us and ... what card are you?

Having started paying back favours owed to justice, the group find themselves hunting demonic priests, killing cultists in an old Rumanian Church, owing an emperor a favour and realising it's not 'Shelak's hill', but 'The hill that is Shelak'.


What does the future hold? As the puzzle begins to build one asks: 'Where is the the Valley in the Shadow of the Watchers?'


Chapter 4

What the living forget, the dead remember forever. All praise the redemptive claw.

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