Date: Thu 10 May 2012
Host: Phil V

Attending (0/4):

The year is 2374. Although mankind has long since had the capability to travel long distances through space, recent advances in technology have cut the duration of these journeys from tens of years to days. This has put the closest habitable planets to earth well within reach for the first time, and much of the worlds efforts are currently focused on extending the human footprint on the galaxy.

Approximately six months ago the space station Hercules went into active service. At the very limits of the regions man had so far explored, its purpose was to act as a base for research into the local area, and a launch pad for journeys into the unknown.

Three weeks ago, Hercules went silent. Attempts to communicate failed, and the station stopped sending it's automated status reports. You are a part of the trouble shooting team that has been sent to find out what has happened, and to bring Hercules back online.

Week 1 of 4.  Pregens will be supplied.  If you have a character concept you wish to play then please let me know in advance or you will not be able to use it.

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