Date: Thu 1 March 2012
Host: Nic the Third

David King
Richard Jones
Sean Adams
Kristof Van der Auwera


Returning to the Army you are met by the Ogre Cook on your way back to your company, he offers you 5sp per Pack Lizard for the pot, ‘lot of hungry mouths to feed, and we’ve run out of Dwarf’, he smiles.

Upon returning to Meat Chop, you see him putting the latest recruits to your company through their paces by throttling a goblin in front of them, seeing you he looks surprised, and reaching into a pouch at his belt pulls out a Gold Piece for each of you.

‘For expenses complements of Commander Keak.’



The Second Siege of Westkeep

The Charge of the Black Brigade


Take the East Gate

The army is moving into position around the city of Westkeep, Heavily armoured Orcs, Barbarian Wildmen from the mountains south of Hokar, Cavalry units of the Giant flightless birds, and squads of fearsome ogres, your company is being held back awaiting orders, as the main forces head toward the West and South gates.

At last Keak arrives, a glint in his eye as if high on something, he dismounts and strides forward as your captain salutes him. He smirks his cynical smile and tries to hide a little giggle, as if something is terribly funny to him.

‘Well now, my little lovelies, the main battle will be happening else where, you are to take and hold the East Gate, which is relatively unmanned, Old Men and Schoolboys our intelligence says. There are two gatehouses and four Keeps to the area, all of which must be taken. Have you any mages left in your company? (I will arrange for a new one) they will cast Knock to open the gates and the rest of you will rush in, you will also have ladders at your disposal. Since you men are a little more resourceful than most you will each be put in charge of a squad. If you do not take the gate then don’t bother coming back. That is all.’ With this a dispatch hands him a communiqué and he turns and hurries off.

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